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Tel.: 701-483-3888
Fax: 701-483-1888
203 14th Street W.,
Dickinson, North Dakota, 58601
Number of Visitor:   9900
gordon almond
very good
Donald Glaser
I only ate there one time so far. The food was good and the service was good. I will continue to try out this place and explore the many different types of meals they offer at the Sakura.
Jonathan Kelly
I wish we never gone to a restaurant yesterday. It was not that the cook never asked us how we want our steaks then burn them and the lobster we had. It was how he treated my roommates. My roommate Chucky was insulted when he asked if we were boyfriends. Then he asked if my brother Dan was my boyfriend if not Chuckie. After that he then started to insult them by calling a girl because he had great boobs. That is just some of the things that insulted my friend Chucky and my brother Dan. We should have never gone to a restaurant last night it would have been better that we walked out and went to Burger King they never showed our faces at your restaurant. Dan and I are frequent customers at your restaurant and are known by name because it is our frequent spot on our days off. You have caused a major fight between me and Dan regarding your service. I\'m insulted that I ever thought that you were of the best services in town for relaxation on my days off.
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